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POTIS GD5 Döner/Gyros sütő (LPG/földgáz)

POTIS GD5 Döner/Gyros sütő (LPG/földgáz)
  • POTIS GD5 Döner/Gyros sütő (LPG/földgáz)
  • Stainless steel (rust-proof)
    Heating efficiency: 17,50 / 14,00 kW
    max. weight of meat: 120 kg
    max. height of meat: 810 mm
    guarantee on materials: 6 months
    Technical alterations reserved
    Our appliances meet all demands of the safety regulations for appliances

  • Article No.
  • Charging space w/o octangular grease pan (WxD) 660 x 600 mm
    Device height w/ motor 1310 mm
    Burner surface area (HxB) 810 x 185 mm
    Heating efficiency 17,50 / 14,00 kW
    Heating efficiency - S 17,50 kW
    max. weight of meat 120 kg
    max. height of meat 810 mm
    Infrared dual burners with cermic plates
    Charging space w/ octangular grease pan (WxD) 670 x 750 mm
    Series Standard
    Power 17,50 / 14,00 kW
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