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POTIS KM 50 Fast Food Döner Robot

POTIS KM 50 Fast Food Döner Robot
  • POTIS KM 50 Fast Food Döner Robot
Specifications of Fast Food Döner Robots:
Doner Robots have been produced by using advanced mechatronics techniques.
All cutting and cooking operations are done by a special computer software. This software has been developed with the information taken from the experienced doner masters that have been working in this field for many years.
The doner robot cuts the doner by seeing it with the help of its digital camera and for this reason the surface of the doner doesn’t have to be flat.
It cuts all kinds of doner meat perfectly in a standard.
Thickness of cuttings can be adjusted upon demand
Operating and using the robot can be learned in a short time thanks to its ease and remote control.
Robots are durable since they have been produced with high quality materials.
Takes up less space thanks to the body designed as a whole
Cleaning up the robot is easy as the parts touching the meat can be demounted easily.
  • Advantages of Fast Food Doner Robots:
    It provides the opportunity to work around the clock.
    Thanks to its fast and standard cutting features an increase is provided in the number of portions and service speed.
    By means of its easy usage it minimizes the dependence on manual labor which requires cutting mastership and provides an increase in the quality of service.
    It is a center of attraction with its technological and hygienic appearance.
    It is such a productive machine that it amortizes itself in a very short time like 6 months.
  • Article No.
  • max. weight of meat: 50 kg
    max. height of meat: 580 mm
    Width: 780 mm
    Height: 1100 mm
    Depth: 930 mm
    Bain-Marie: yes
    Cutting Program
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